🌊I’m Feeling “blue”🌊

This week, my makeup look was inspired by the ocean. As the summer approaching and we are still uncertain about the future due to COVID-19, I wanted to create a look that was inspired by my favorite place…the ocean. I love how the blues blend together while creating a feel of a wave. I haveContinue reading “🌊I’m Feeling “blue”🌊”

10 Must Have Beauty Items at Affordable Price

Hello, in this blog I will be sharing the names of 10 beauty items that I have found. Those products work great and very affordable. I hope you all find this blog helpful, and I could save you some money while your makeup still looks flawless. E.L.F; Pore-less Putty Primer About the product: This skinContinue reading “10 Must Have Beauty Items at Affordable Price”

February IPSY Box

Full Size, MSRP $10.50 These cloth sheet masks aren’t just cute, they’re packed with superfoods and vitamins to give you your glowiest skin ever. Skin looking dull? Pop on the ginger and vitamin C mask. It neutralizes free radical damage and helps evens out your skin tone for healthier, brighter skin. About The Brand IntroducingContinue reading “February IPSY Box”

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